"VISION CRAFT" Summer intensive

with Daniel Mirante


An intensive 6 day group painting journey - August 11 - 16th 2018

For beginner and intermediate study in sacred and visionary art

We are grateful that the wonderful Visionary artist and teacher Daniel Mirante will be teaching in Belgium for the fist time.

Daniel has been teaching worldwide and is know to be able to guide both beginning and advanced painters to their next level of creativity. A unique chance to learn how to depict your inner vision with the wonderful painting technique of the old-masters.










Daniel Mirante teaching for the first time in Belgium

Daniel Mirante is a painter and instructor of 18 years experience, who brings a wealth of teaching around sacred art, painting techniques, symbolisms, and restoration of the creative vision.


Daniel is a founding faculty member at the Vienna Academy and has been teaching worldwide. He is known for his ability to empower students in their journey to express their inner worlds and bring forward beautiful and meaningful art.


Even if you are totally new to painting, Daniel will help you to paint the rich depths that are within you!


In this 6-day Visionary painting seminare Daniel will guide you in finding your inner vision and how to paint this in the Misch-technique, known for its unique qualities of light and color.



Learn the Misch-Technique

Daniel specialises in a diverse array of methods, but primarily  ‘mixed techniques’ of egg tempera with oil glazes, known as mischtechnik.


The Misch-technique was revived in the 20th century by the primary artist of the Vienna School of Fantastic Realism, Ernst Fuchs.


The mischtechnik is widely appreciated within the visionary art movement as a technique which lends itself perfectly to the depiction of inner realms, visions and dreams.


What is so unique about this technique, is its ability to bring forward a wonderful play of light and color in your painting.


It is a great step-by-step inroad into deep, classical, time-tested principles of oil painting.


Daniel studied directly with the masters Ernst Fuchs and Birgid Marlin, both icons in their work with the Misch-tecnique. He will help you start bringing your own visions and inner realms forward with this wonderful technique.




Learn to paint your own vision

In our six day group journey, you will learn to bridge meditation with painting craft, bringing you closer through the spiritual practice of art to the world of symbols and archetypes.


Our emphasis will be on developing personal empowerment to create your own pictures. Learning how to see, and ‘learning how to learn’; so you can develop your full artistic potential. 


  • Find your own vision for your paintings and receive the emporment to express it.
  • Balance the craft of painting with the rich inner dimensions.
  • Connect to the spiritual lineage of sacred art and its potential to guide and inspire you in your artistic process.
  • Learn the spritual and creative practices to help you see within and discover the artwork that want to be born.
  • Discover your own sacred vision and how to bring it forward through your painting.




Learn the traditional, time-tested technique to bring forward your vision:


  • work with the Misch technique that allows you to bring forward beautiful qualities of light and color in your work.
  • Use best practices in skill and material to make beautifull artwork that will endure time.
  • Manipulate painting mediums for their unique purposes and learn about pigments.
  • Make paint, both egg tempera, tempera grassa varients, soffio tempera, and oil paint
  • work with underpainting, the importance of value modelling and glazing
  • Problem solving, making corrections (pentimento) and evolving compositions.




A course for both beginners as advanced painters in a rich, supportive circle

Daniel is known for his ability to guide both beginning as advanced painters to their next level of creativity and skill.


In this summer-intensive, we will experience painting as a meditative practice, as well as learning traditional time-tested approaches to manifesting our vision in paint.


He is dedicated to dispensing this knowledge to his students open-handed, to empower their own personal creativity, Daniel’s teaching methods are highly regarded as being sensitive to individual needs as well as facilitating a group atmosphere of focus and fun.





- Since the number of students is limited and studying with Daniel in Belgium is a rare oppurtunity, you are adviced to sign up quickly.


- All paints and mediums will be included, except for brushes, jars (for medium), etc.


- After signing up you will receive Daniel his instructions on how to prepare and start working on an initial design.


- Workshop days are at the artstudio of the Anam Cara centre and are from 10 to 18hrs.


- Each workshop day will start with a guided practice to access more creativity.


- People that come from afar can receive shared lodging at the centre. (contact below)




About Daniel Mirante



Daniel is a founding faculty member and regular teacher at the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art. He has been teaching extensively in Austria, Italy, England, India, Bali and Australia.

Daniel instructs with a deep emphasis on both craft and emphasis upon the inherent therapeutic and spiritual dimension of painting. He is dedicated to dispensing this knowledge to his students open-handed, to empower their own personal creativity.

Daniel’s conviction is that the shared group intention and circle of commitment create a potent learning environment where breakthroughs and rapid learning can occur, where each participant may share their own insight and teaching to each other, receiving the support and group morale to move through challenging spaces in order to develop rapidly.


Daniel’s teaching methods are highly regarded as being sensitive to individual needs as well as facilitating a group atmosphere of focus and fun.



Practical information & Registration

Daniel Mirante
Venue: Anam Cara centre Belgium
Location: Kuypenevijver 27 - Veerle - Belgium
Language: is English (translation in Dutch is possible if there are enough requests)
Dates : August 11 to 16th.
Tuition:: 499 € course + 120 € materials, 6 organic vegan meals, snacks and drinks
Earlybird Discount: 450 € course + 120 € materials, 6 organic vegan meals, snacks and drinks - If you register AND pay before June 21th.

You can register below. For questions please contact through our Contact page


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