Peggy Dylan brings her transformative work to Anam Cara centre in Belgium!

Peggy Dylan, Cindy Bond (Sundoor Staff), Griet Heylen (Anam Cara) and Roel Crabbe (Anam Cara)

Cindy Bond (Sundoor Staff) - Roel Crabbé & Griet Heylen (AnamCara centre) and Peggy Dylan
after a 7-day INITIATION workshop in 2014, when it was held for the first time in Belgium.


Peggy Dylan & Sundoor at Anam Cara centre Belgium.


In june 2014 Peggy Dylan gave her tranformational workshop "Initiation" for the first time in Belgium. It was a highly powerful, uplifting and transformational experience for all participants.


Both Anam Cara and Peggy & Staff were so happy with doing the transformational work here, that it was agreed that she will be teaching yearly in the Anam Cara centre.



Upcoming Events 2017: see our international training page






About Peggy Dylan:


Peggy Dylan  

Sundoor’s Peggy Dylan is known for her illuminating presence, flowing love and compassion in waves that flood your body and mind with an unquestionable energy of transcendence.

A pioneer in motivational and leadership trainings since 1976, Peggy's work and insight catapulted the firewalk to national attention as a leading edge tool for human development in 1982. She continues to be a premier authority on this dynamic process.

Publications have called her a practical mystic as she combines spiritual insight with down to earth and practical tools

Peggy has the uncanny ability to allow participants to grasp a new paradigm, a new way of thinking and being, which propels them into personal and professional success and a deep sense of joy and satisfaction in being alive.



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"Peggy & her glorious work through the SUNDOOR have changed my life beyond my wildest dreams. Imagine the most perfect vision of how life can be, multiply it by a million fold & you still won't be anywhere near to comprehending the infinite possibilities of who you/we can become. Peggy Dylan endeavours always to bring those infinite possibilities into our everyday way of being, she see's who we are & who we are truly meant to be. SUNDOOR is life at its best, there is nothing else like it!!!!"

Shona Sullivan